Join us for the annual Dieback Information Group (DIG) Conference.

20-21 August 2024 Perth, Western Australia

Recognised nationally as the primary networking and knowledge sharing event in the Phytophthora science and management space.

The 2024 conference theme is “Seeing the Forest for the Trees” – selected to recognise the importance of holistic management for Australia’s forest ecosystems, and the pivotal role that environmental biosecurity and disease hygiene play in the health of these landscapes. The timing of these discussions aligns with the launch of the conservation-forward 2024-2033 Forest Management Plan, as well as rising global and national emphasis on recognising natural capital in the policy space. 

The 2024 DIG conference is available both in person and online! Join our audience of national and international Dieback stakeholders from universities, government and non-government agencies, consultants, extractive industries, forestry organisations and land care groups, among others. Speakers from across this range of sectors will deliver a range of presentations to showcase a diverse range of Phytophthora Dieback science and management talks, as well as content on other disease threats to natural ecosystems. 

To promote this year’s fantastic theme, DWG has partnered with the Australian Forest Products Association, aligning the conference date with National Forestry Day to promote the role of disease and pest management in the ongoing discussions around forestry resources and ecosystem health.

Sponsor DIG

DWG are currently seeking aligned organisations to support the conference as a sponsor. The conference will be an excellent opportunity to engage with experts in Phytophthora Dieback and key representatives in sustainability and promote your organisation.

Please contact us to discuss this opportunity personally.


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