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Dieback Information Group (DIG) Conference 2024

Murdoch University, Boorloo, Perth, WA | August 20th-21st 2024

Photo Credit: Castle Rock, Porongurup National Park – Tourism Australia

Bringing together the latest in scientific knowledge, best land management practices and industry innovation in the Phytophthora science and management space.

This year’s conference theme is “Seeing the Forest for the Trees” – selected to recognise the importance of holistic management for Australia’s forest ecosystems, and the pivotal role that environmental biosecurity and disease hygiene play in the health of these landscapes. The timing of these discussions aligns with the launch of the conservation-forward 2024-2033 Forest Management Plan, as well as rising global and national emphasis on recognising natural capital in the policy space. 


The DIG Conference 2024 is available both in person and online. Join our audience of national and international Dieback stakeholders from universities, government and non-government agencies, consultants, extractive industries, forestry organisations and land care groups, among others. Speakers across these sectors will deliver a range of presentations to showcase a diverse range of Phytophthora Dieback science and management talks, and content on other disease threats to natural ecosystems. 

Speakers and Abstracts

View the fantastic speaker lineup and summaries of their abstracts here:


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Day 2 Optional Field Trips | Wednesday 21st aug


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Location: Mt Lawley Golf Club (Founders Room), Perth
Time: Full Day 8.30 am – 2.30 pm
Trainer: Bruno Rikli, BSc Env mgt, DBCA Registered Dieback Interpreter, 30 years experience.

Green Card™ Training includes a presentation, assessment and a walk in bushland to look at Dieback Management.

DWG Green Card participants who complete the course receive the skills and knowledge to be able to understand the nature of the plant disease Phytophthora Dieback, how it can be managed and what steps they can apply to prevent its spread during all field activities.

The Green Card session includes an additional field trip with one of our expert trainers. We will walk to the nearby Inglewood Triangle Reserve to observe Dieback Management undertaken by the City of Stirling and implemented by the Friends of the Inglewood Triangle group. 

CONSIDERED ESSENTIAL for anyone managing, working in, or entering bushland or vulnerable areas. This training is the “New” industry standard. Developed with input from the Department of Parks and Wildlife (WA) and only delivered by specialist trainers, you will learn the necessary skills and knowledge to mitigate a range of bushland threats and protect biodiversity using ‘Phytophthora Dieback’ as a widespread example in our South West Region of WA. 

Learn about:

  • Why is “Biosecurity” important to Australia.
  • Protecting native vegetation, pollinators and ecosystem health.
  • How you can easily avoid spreading plant diseases and weeds into “vulnerable areas”.
  • The importance of pre-planning to mitigate biosecurity risks, particularly for Phytophthora Dieback!
  • Practical hygiene tactics for bushland users, managers, volunteers and field workers.
  • How does Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions achieve Clean-On-Entry?

New skills:

  • Tactics to avoid and minimise spreading weeds and Phytophthora during your activities.
  • Understand what the coloured symbols mean on standard Phytophthora Dieback signage.
  • Apply a safe-work-method for vehicle clean-down.
  • Identify parts of a vehicle to inspect and clean-down.

Find out more about Green Card Training here

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Standard: $277.20 
Student/Community Group rate: $168.30

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Ecu Super Lab

Location: ECU (Edith Cowan University) Joondalup Campus
Time: Half day 9 am – 1 pm
Leader: Anna Hopkins

Come on a site visit to ECU’s School of Science super labs to see how we teach plant pathology and pests. You’ll get first-hand experience of a university lab class examining and identifying pathogens and pests. You’ll also tour the research facilities at ECU and hear about our exciting research in plant pathology, horticulture and ecology.

Your visit will include a mix of the following activities:

  • Work shops in regular lags or one of the superlabs primarily concentrating on plant pathogens.
  • Visiting glasshouse with a mix of native horticulture, and pathogen tracking.
  • Visit a spore tracking weather station, primarily monitoring forest pathology.
  • Talks by postgraduate students on research areas and work being conducted.

Standard: $95
Student/Community Group rate: $45


National Forestry Day

To promote this year’s fantastic theme, DWG has partnered with the Australian Forest Products Association, aligning the conference date with National Forestry Day to promote the role of disease and pest management in the ongoing discussions around forestry resources and ecosystem health.

Sponsor DIG

DWG are currently seeking aligned organisations to support the conference as a sponsor. The conference will be an excellent opportunity to engage with experts in Phytophthora Dieback and key representatives in sustainability and promote your organisation. DWG is a registered Charity in Australia. Sponsorships are tax deductible

Please contact us to discuss this opportunity personally.


Murdoch University

Boola Katijin Building
90 South St, Murdoch WA 6150


Thank you to all our wonderful sponsors, we appreciate your support!

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Courtyard Perth, Murdoch (Marriott) – Discount for DIG attendees

Hotel in the heart of Murdoch Square, conveniently close to the conference venue Murdoch University. Our friends at Courtyard by Marriott are providing a discount for DIG attendees.

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