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Green Card Training

Green Card Training 1
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A standard Green Card Training session involves a theory session (in a classroom) where trainees learn the knowledge required to successfully complete the course, followed by a practical session where trainees learn how to inspect and clean a vehicle, followed by an assessment. Trainees must pass the assessment to complete the training. Your trainer will modify the standard training to incorporate internal and industry-relevant documents and policies, making sure the training is relevant to the trainees. Additional modules may be added to the training program, at your request, to enhance the skills or knowledge acquired by the trainees through the training. The following modules can be added to the training program:

  • Phytophthora Dieback site visit
  • Management in practice site visit
  • Department of Parks and Wildlife policies and regulations
  • Phosphite infecting treatment
  • Clean and inspect machinery

For other changes to the training, please discuss with your trainer.

DWG Green Card Trainees who successfully complete the course receive the skills and knowledge to be able to understand the nature of the plant disease Phytophthora Dieback, how it is managed and what steps they need to take to ensure the disease isn’t spread through their in-field activities. Trainees complete the course with the skills for completing a clean-down of a vehicle or piece of equipment relevant to their work practices.

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