Discovering Dieback Program getting updated

Discovering Dieback Program Getting Updated 1

Its hard to believe its been more than 10 years the DWG and Armadale Primary School created the award winning Discovering Dieback Education Package and “Stop The Rot” was performed by year 6 students from Armadale Primary School for the first time before hundreds of spectators, winning the JRock competition and drawing much needed attention to the Phytophthora Dieback issue. This program was a point of pride for our late Chairman, Ian Colquhoun, and to date has educated more than 1200 school children and helped protect 100’s of hectares of bushland. With funding awarded by the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program we are now able to update our program and expand the reach  of of program to greater encompass regional schools.
As part of our Building a Sustainable Dieback Working Group project, Project Officer Bruno Rikli is seeking input from interested teachers and educators who have used the program into how the program should be updated. Interested teachers and educators have been invited to complete this short survey Discovering_Dieback_Education_Program_survey_2017.docx. We will also be holding a workshop shortly to discuss the program. These updates are imperative to ensure that our program is aligned with national curriculum outcomes while still reaching students in an engaing way with its important messages. If you are a teacher or educator familiar with the program and would like to help with our update please contact Bruno Rikli at [email protected]. Updates on the roll-out of the updated program and other news regarding the program will be announced on our website and Facebook pages.  
Check out the spectacular “Stop The Rot” performance by year 6 students here

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